4 things to know about a traveling nanny

Traveling nanny provide a much-needed relief from day-to-day parental responsibilities and give parents time to spend with each other. Finding these nannies can be a tough thing but with the right company it takes a few steps. Travelling with young children is not easy, whether you fly private or normal. A good nanny will understand how to travel with infants to pre-teens. Traveling nanny are experts with their age-group specialty. A traveling nanny will know how to prepare for long flights. Sometimes, experienced nannies prepare kits for the young ones.

These kits will vary depending on children’s ages. For little ones, the kit will have safe items with different textures.

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. For school age kids, an experienced travelling nanny will have games, books, and ways to engage the children in creative play.

For many, accepting a traveling nanny job is an incredibly fun way to pursue your passion for childcare and see the world at large. However, it’s good to know that being a travel nanny is much different than being an in-home nanny, and t has its own special set of qualifications and challenges.

Characteristics of the Ideal Traveling Nanny

Choosing the ideal nanny sometimes can be difficult because not every qualified nanny is suited to be a travel nanny. Nanny jobs require specific skillset and mindset. Below is the characteristic of an ideal travelling nanny.

  • The nanny must be flexible and patient, especially when it comes to schedule changes
  • He/she should Love traveling to different places
  • The ideal nanny must be creative enough and able to create fun, especially during long plane and car journeys.
  • He/she should be energetic and enthusiastic personality
  • Must have a tolerance for jet lag and lack of sleep
  • Should not possess a fear of flying
  • Should be cooperative by all means and situations.

Top Benefits of Having a travelling Nanny

In most cases, Vacation nannies allow parents to relax and enjoy good time away from their families. Below are some of the benefits of having a travelling nanny. If you happen to hire a qualified travel nanny, you will enjoy lots of benefits, just to mention a few.

  • You will be able to enjoy a date night or spa day
  • Enjoy a parents-only sightseeing which might bore younger children if they happen to accompany you.
  • You will enjoy an uninterrupted sleep and conducive environment.
  • Enjoy dinner or supper at an upscale or exclusive restaurant of your choice.

Things you need to do before applying for a travel nanny job

To be a travel nanny might sound as easy task but the truth is, not all nanny providers meet the criteria for travel nanny positions. Having the best characters and personality can land you a travel nanny position very faster. In order to be successful in this job, you will need experience traveling with families, both domestic and international tours. Ensure you fulfill the following criteria’s if you are interested in this job. Majorly focus on the top priorities.

  • Make sure your passport is up-to-date
  • Make any necessary arrangements
  • Carefully understand potential employers’ needs, preferences, and expectations
  • Ensure you reference nannies who know you better and skills you have.
  • Offer reduced rates in order to build your travel nanny resume. This ensures that potential employers are not scared by your high rates.

Things to note before hiring a travel nanny

The purpose of a travel nanny is to help you manage a cool environment and peace of mind while you’re on holiday. You shouldn’t worry if you have the right travel nanny because you children will be well taken care of until you return. For you to get a vetted nanny, it’s good to find travel nanny agencies that are reliable. They will get you a trustworthy, and a good fit nanny for your kids.

There are many factors to consider before hiring a travel nanny to assist you in a family vacation.

Below are some of the common things to consider.

  • Ask your nanny questions about her travel experiences, childcare style, preferred activities, and emergency preparedness skills
  • Discuss rates up-front with potential candidates
  • State the number of hours and amount of days you will need your travel nanny to work
  • Be clear with your nanny about your expectations
  • Define a schedule so he/she knows when they will have free time
  • Outline a budget for your nanny’s travel expenses, including meals, hotels, and activities
  • Draft a nanny contract to avoid confusion later

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