Costs & benefits of Moving from California to Florida

Moving from California to Florida. Sometimes when you’re looking to move to a new state or city, it’s recommended to find a local financial advisor. This will help you not to break your bank. Living in Florida is very different from living in California and you’ll have different financial concerns. It’s good to mention that Florida doesn’t have a state income tax like California.

If you are a fan of a cool recreational services and sunny weather, Florida is your best choice then because of the low cost of living. Of late many people have been moving in search of greener pastures and better place to live.

The cost of living in California is said to be above 40%, while it’s only 1% higher in the Sunshine State. This is why a large number of people are packing up their belongings and moving to Florida from California in search of a lower living cost.

Although many people from other countries are still interested in moving to California, the natives are moving to Florida. Florida is a top state to move if you are looking for better conducive places. Californians are moving in large numbers to the other city due to the cost of living. Who is willing to pay high taxes? Let’s now dive into our major issue.

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Cost of Moving from California to Florida 

The moving costs on average will be $4,000. Although this price may vary depending on the time of year you move, whether you choose to use a professional moving company or any other mode of transportation.

As in other businesses, all moving companies mostly charge more when the demand is somehow high. Many people prefer to move during the summer months hence resulting to higher prices.

The benefits of one hiring a professional moving company normally outweigh the additional expense. If you are looking on how to save some money, you will have to consider other cheap modes of transportation.

You will have to do all the packing, loading and off- loading alone and only pay for transportation service. This technic may be cheap but you may end up exhausting yourself a lot. In addition to this, you may need a larger number of family members to help you do this work. This is if you will have to move all the furniture etc.

When using a professional moving company, it’s good to have at least $14,000 if you move all of your items from a large house.

Why People Moving from California to Florida? 

Basically, People are moving from California to Florida for several reasons. Some of them is due to jobs while others are tired of the high cost of living and high tax rate. Changing jobs is often the cause of many moves across the famous cities. This can be either companies relocating to new locations or even finding a better job opportunity for you. Considering the fact that, Florida has a low average unemployment rate of 3.8%. It’s easy for a person to secure a lucrative job in this place. You won’t tarmac for long searching for a job.

As mentioned earlier,the cost of living in California is very high as compared to Florida. The average house in California costs over $500,000. Houses in Florida are relatively low as mostly are under the $300,000 mark. Florida has a beautiful landscape that can’t be found anywhere in the United States, not to mention the high number of beautiful sandy beaches. 

Taxes in Florida

Taxes in Florida are slightly different from in California. The state sales tax is only 6%, rather than California’s 7.25%. Additionally, there is no state income tax in Florida. Florida residents will still owe federal income tax, however. This is why you should consider Moving from California to Florida.

Top Cities in Florida are;

Florida has a number of popular cities with lots to offer an individual or families. Most of the  Florida cities have a beach nearby. The cities include;


Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida. If you are after comfort, this is your place to be then. consider checking out Jacksonville city.


Orlando is the home to Disney World and Universal Studios. If you are planning for a vacation then this is your destination.  

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is known as the home to professional sports teams and one of the nation’s best beaches.

St. Petersburg

This is a smaller town nearby Tampa Bay.


Miami is somehow expensive just like California. Miami is a diverse city in Florida. It’s full of good nightlife and top notch beaches.

Vero Beach

This is one of the America’s best small towns. It has best schools, generous and friendly people and eye catching sights. Vero Beach is a good place for people of all gender and ages.

Here is a Moving Advice crafted for you before Moving from California to Florida

  • Ensure you move when there is no traffic on the roads to avoid inconveniences
  • When moving, make sure you carry packed food and plenty of water. This is because anything can happen along the way. Like vehicle breakdown etc.
  • Avoid moving during summer seasons because moving companies normally charge higher.
  • Plan your time well by packing all your items a few hours earlier before calling your moving company.

Pros & Cons of Moving from California to Florida


Strong Economy and Good Job Opportunities

No State Income Taxes

Homes Are More Affordable

Orlando’s Amusement Parks


Lower Median Household Income

Homeowner’s Insurance Is Pricey

Tourists Love Florida

Hot and Humid

9 Best Moving Companies In California

  1. American Van Lines
  2. MovingAPT
  3. International Van Lines
  4. Atlas Van Lines
  5. Allied Van Lines
  6. United Van Lines
  7. Mayflower Transit
  8. North American Van Lines
  9. Colonial Van Lines

Final Thoughts on Moving from California to Florida

Florida and California are very comparable states although they are on opposite sides of the country. Everything from weather and sandy beaches, are very similar. To finalize this Florida has a much lower cost of living while still having the advantages of living in or near a large city.

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