Job seekers

How to apply for a job?

Applying for a job on Jobsmiller.com is straightforward. Click on the job title. Then basically you have 3 options:

  1. First, read the job description and application instructions carefully since some employers have specific requirements.
  2. A job description page opens. There is a link ‘View or apply for job’. It redirects you to the employer site. Follow the instructions.
  3. You have an ‘ apply option’ option under the job description. You will need a resume and you can write a message. The accepted file formats for the resume are pdf, doc, Docx, and txt.

How do I search for jobs in Jobs Miller?

To find jobs, enter your search query and your desired location in the search bar and click on the ‘search jobs’ button.

How do I create an account?

To create an account on Jobs miller you need to go to the “Sign Up” page and enter your email address and a password in the Create an account form.

How can I reset the password?

As long as you already have an account with Jobs miller, you can easily reset your password by navigating to “Forgot your password?” and filling out the email textbox. After submitting the email address you will receive an email with further instructions on how to recover your password.

I need a job, can you help me?

Jobs Miller is a job search engine/website, not a recruiter nor an immigration agency, so unfortunately we can’t help individual users to find jobs, but we put all our efforts to make jobs available for you to apply to the ones you find suitable for you.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by first going to the “Your Account” page, you will be required to log in before you can access any of your account details.

How do I change or cancel an email alert?

At any time you can edit, pause or cancel your email alerts by navigating to the “My Alerts” section of your account page. The “My Alerts” section will provide you with a list of email alerts that have been associated with your account.

If you have subscribed to email alerts and you have not yet registered an account with us, you can cancel your email alerts by scrolling to the bottom of your email alert and clicking the link “Cancel this email alert”. You must do this for every email alert you have signed up for if you want to stop receiving email alerts from us completely.

You can change your email alert frequency from daily, weekly, or monthly by clicking on the link “Cancel this email alert” at the bottom of an email alert, then click on “Switch to your preferred time job alert”

How can I get more details about a particular vacancy?

To get the most accurate and up-to-date details about a specific vacancy, you need to contact the company or the author of the job advertisement. The majority of the job advertisements will redirect you to the appropriate website. Jobs miller is limited to only displaying the job advertisements and we do not take ownership of the job advertisements nor are we a part of the application process.

How can I keep track of a job I’m interested in?

You can save the jobs you find interesting simply by clicking the “Save Job” link that appears at the end of each of the job details.

How do I create an email alert?

To create a job alert, enter a specific query into the search box and then click “Search Jobs”. On the search results page click on the link that says “create an email alert for this search”, this link will only be available to you if you have logged into the Jobs miller website with a valid account.

The job ad has fake content, no longer exists?

If you have found any abusive or fraudulent job advertisements, please report the job ad using the link “report this job ad” under the button “View or apply for the job” on the job description page and we will remove that particular job immediately.

Job advertisement may no longer exist on our website due to the fact that we have manually removed it from our system or it has been removed by the original publisher of the content.


Why is my job on Jobs miller?

Jobs miller is a free job search engine that sources job ads from many different locations. Listing your job on Jobs miller is free of charge and can provide you with access to millions of incremental candidates. Jobs miller might redirect candidates to the original source of a job in order to apply.

I have posted a job ad but it’s not on Jobs miller.

There are reasons why you may not find your free job ad on Jobs miller:

  • Your job ad is awaiting approval. This process can take from 1to 5 business hours. You can check the current status of your ad in the Employer center by logging in as an employer.
  • Your ad has passed the 30-day time limit. All individual ads are active for 30 days and then they expire automatically. You can easily repost the ad on your Employer account anytime.
  • Misleading location.  If you have multiple locations you need to register a business for each location and then associate the job ad with the correct business location.

I don’t remember my password. How do I reset it?

If you already have an employer account with Jobs you can easily reset your password. To reset your password please visit the password reset page and follow the prompts.

What are the benefits of having a Jobs miller account?

  • It’s free!
  • You have freedom over your account.
  • You’ll no longer need to enter your personal details every time you post a new job.
  • You can post over 10 free job ads per month

Is my account safe on jobs miller?

  • Your ads are securely stored in the Jobs miller platform and only you can edit or delete your ad using your login details.
  • Your personal details will never appear on your job ad.

How do I post a job advertisement?

Jobs miller allows employers to publish individual job advertisements directly to our website to benefit from the free exposure to millions of jobseeker searches. To post a job directly to our website you must navigate to the “Post Jobs (free)” link, which is generally located on the top right-hand side of the website, and complete the form.

Kindly note the following before posting your job ads.

  • The ad must be a genuine
  • At jobs miller, we will not accept:

    Pyramid schemes jobs, Illicit or adult ads.
  • Your ads may take a few hours to be published or days (2) if they activate any spam alerts. We normally do the manual screening.

To experience a smooth experience on our free job posting, your job ads should meet the following:

  • It is clear who the employer is;
  • A clear location for the work;
  • Clear and intuitive job title;
  • The description describes the true nature of the work;
  • Clear job type (full-time, part-time, casual, temporary);
  • Clear and objective closing date;

In addition, we do the following to prevent malicious job advertisements:

  • Duplicate job ads: multiple vacancies with identical/similar job descriptions, locations, and titles, will also be considered spam.
  • Spam Checker: All vacancies go through an automatic spam verification tool, as well as a manual verification.

Jobs miller employer is a totally free service designed for employers with a low volume of jobs. If you are an employer with a large volume of job ads, we recommend you have your ads integrated with Jobs miller via an XML feed.

I realized there is an error in the job advertisement I posted, how do I edit it?

You should find the confirmation email you received after adding the job ad and follow the link in this email. After you changed the job ad, it might take up to a few hours for the changes to be visible on the live site

How much does it cost to post a job advertisement?

To post jobs on jobs miller is completely FREE.