Job Tips

Job searching Tips: Job Tips

Searching for jobs with Jobs miller is very easy. Basically do the following:

  1. Enter a job title in the Keywords box (for example: ‘Cleaner’, ‘PHP Developer’)
  2. Enter which area you’d like to work in the Location box
  3. Click on the “Search Jobs” button.

Find Jobs in all countries.

By default, Jobseeker will try to find jobs in all areas within the location you’ve entered.

Exact Search: Job Tips

To find jobs matching an exact phrase put double quotes around the words.

For example: “project manager”

Upper and Lower case

All searches made on Job miller are case insensitive. Therefore, PHP DEVELOPER, php developer all return the same results.

Jobs miller advanced job search tips

You can narrow down or broaden your search by using AND and NOT in your query.

E.g, to search for PHP jobs but NOT C# jobs: PHP NOT C#

If you are looking for jobs that involve both PHP AND C# programming skills: PHP AND C#

Find Jobs From a Company.

You can search for jobs from a particular company or recruiter by entering the following query: company:(COMPANY NAME HERE).

For example, to find jobs from Google you can type company:(Google).

Filter and Sort Search Results

Normally, Jobseeker can return thousands of jobs for a particular query.

Currently, Jobs miller allows filtering by titles, locations, job types, and sources.

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