online jobs in kenya using smartphone

Online jobs in kenya using smartphone

online jobs in kenya using smartphone

With the advancement of technology, individuals in Kenya now have the opportunity to explore various online job opportunities using their smartphones. The convenience and accessibility provided by smartphones have made it easier for people to find and engage in remote work.

Whether it’s freelance writing, virtual assistance, graphic design, or online tutoring, the possibilities are endless.

Sacco jobs in kenya 2024

By utilizing their smartphones, Kenyans can tap into the global job market, connect with clients or employers, and earn a living from the comfort of their own homes.

This digital revolution has opened up new avenues for employment and economic growth in Kenya, empowering individuals to leverage their skills and talents through online platforms.

Below are some of the online jobs in kenya using smartphone:

Filling Online Survey

make up to Ksh 3500 per hour on survey platforms like Survey Junkie, Prize Level, Respondent, and many more

Article Writing

Article writing examples include; Copy writing jobs, creating quality websites content, writing product reviews, social media content

Transcribing Jobs in Kenya.

Online transcribing jobs in Kenya pays upto to Ksh 6 per video minutes. Anyone can earn real money with online transcription jobs

Social Media Marketing 

This is all about promoting brands and connecting with potential and loyal customers through interactions.

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