Security Team Lead at sunda international

About the job, Security team lead

1. **Security Management:** Develops and implements security policies and procedures to ensure the safety of the organization’s property and personnel. Oversees the security team to ensure they carry out their duties effectively.

2. **Risk Assessment:** Regularly assesses potential risks facing the organization and formulates preventive measures. Develops security plans and emergency response plans.

3. **Personnel Management:** Oversees and manages the daily activities of security personnel, including scheduling, training, and performance evaluation. Ensures the security team performs well on the job.

4. **Patrol and Monitoring:** Supervises security patrols and monitoring activities to ensure all areas of the organization are effectively monitored and protected.

5. **Emergency Response:** Leads the security team in taking action during emergency events to ensure timely and effective response, safeguarding personnel and property.

Security Team Lead

6. **Safety Training:** Provides safety training for employees to enhance their safety awareness and emergency response capabilities.

7. **Coordination:** Works with other departments and external agencies (such as police, fire departments, etc.) to ensure overall safety.

8. **Reporting and Record-Keeping:** Maintains detailed security records and reports, including incident reports and patrol logs, for analysis and improvement purposes.

9. **Ensures Compliance:** Ensures the organization complies with all relevant security regulations and legal requirements.

10. **Customer Service:** Maintains good relationships with clients and employees, addressing their security concerns, providing related advice, and offering assistance.

Security Manager job at Opticom

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